LIP VOLTAGE – £17.99

A non-injectable lip plumper, that is taking the beauty industry by storm! Lip Voltage is a quick absorbing peptide lip treatment, using Nano technology to fill and volumise the lips.

In a world-first, you can control how much plump you want in your pout by literally ‘mixing up’ the voltage of this duo product treatment plumper. You simply add a VBE*-infused lip plumper to the peptide treatment, mixing the formula together to achieve their desired ‘voltage’.


Applied and massaged into lips – and above the cupids bow for more dramatic results – Lip Voltage absorbs quickly for a look that lasts for up to 24 hours.  With continual use over time, the treatment builds collagen to create softer, fuller lips.

Whether you want a plumped-up perfected pout, or simply natural, soft, beautiful lips, Lip Voltage lets you mix it up and plump it for the lips you’ve only ever dreamed of!

This is one beauty must-have at the top of every girl’s wish-list.

LIP VOLTAGE is a hot favourite with Celebrities and makeup artists worldwide!

LIP VOLTAGE comes in a clear case with a wand applicator for easy use

*VBE (Vanillyl Butyl Ether) is a chemical formulation that induces an enduring, gentle warming and enhanced microcirculation to enhance and plump the lips.

The resulting effect increases the blood flow, mimicking the effects of chilli and pepper, without irritating the skin.

Frequently asked questions :-

Does this product really work?
Yes your lips will plump immediately and stay up for up to 24 hrs
What makes the lips plump up?
The product contains a peptide and collagen that re-hydrates the bodies natural fluids.
Why does it tingle?
To circulate the blood flow into the lips and open the pores for quicker penetration.
How often can I use this product?
It can be used on a daily basis as a treatment, or for any occasion that the lip area needs plumping.
Is this product tested on animals?
No, tested on scientists, not on animals.


BRAND NEW FORMULA  – Dreamweave now has a built in lash conditioner called “WIDE LASH” that will thicken and nourish the root and stem in 15 days!


Dubbed  “eyelash extensions in a tube” by the UK Press, the silicone formula coats each lash with a fibrewrap, giving the wearer dramatically longer and completelly smudge free flutter.

When Dreamweave mascara is applied it gives a weightless lengthening and flexible flutter with no smudges, clumps or panda eyes.  With its ‘go to bed’ formulation you can wake up and still be mascared!


Used by top make-up artists, this celebrity mascara is hot in the industry right now. As featured in Fabulous Magazine, The Daily Mail Femail, Cosmopolitan etc.and designed to give you beautifully long lashes for an inordinately protracted period, DreamWeave has been hailed as ‘eyelash extensions in a tube’.

DreamWeave creates a striking look in moments that will last up to three days.  DreamWeave is easily removed with any cleanser.

Already a favourite of celebrities and TV make-up artists, DREAMWEAVE gives dramatic length in just one stroke, waving goodbye to falsies and expensive extensions.


Dreamweave Lash extension magnet mascara.  Silky Magnetic nylons in a tube. This amazing new improved formula, using the original silicone mixed with nylon, to stretch each lash with a silky nylon formulation providing the wearer with the nearest thing to professional lash extensions.

Dubbed the “eyelash extensions in a tube” by the press, it coats each lash with a silicone lash lengethening, locking wrap, giving the wearer a dramatically longer and completely smudge free flutter which lasts.  This new generation mascara has a flexible wand which sweeps through the lashes effortlessly creating a dramatic effect.



Lip Voltage and Dreamweave Lash Construct Mascara £29

Lip Voltage Lash Construct

Lip Voltage and Dreamweave Lash Magnet Mascara £27

Lip Voltage Lash Magnet

Lip Voltage x 2 £32


Dreamweave Lash Construct Mascara x 2 £25


Dreamweave Lash Magnet Mascara x 2 £21


HD BROWS Palette – £25

AS SEEN ON TV: ITV1 show ‘This Morning’ featured our palette within their “Beauty and Brow” feature.

The most in-demand and highly coveted products, each of the Eye & Brow Palettes include a highlighting shade, two intensifying brow shades, wet/dry carbon-black definer, setting wax and a versatile dual applicator.

Simply sweep your preferred powders through the brow using the applicator to create a soft or natural look; you can also mix the shades to match your brows perfectly.

Exclusive finishing wax is now included within every palette, this improved feature allows enables you to set your brow colour for a more defined appearance or mix with the powders to produce a creamy eye shadow.

001 Bombshell, best for fair hair and skin

HD Brows Pallette - Bombshell

002 Foxy, best for medium hair and skin

HD Brows Pallette - Foxy

003 Vamp, best for dark hair and skin

HD Brows Pallette - Vamp

Multi-purpose product can be used as a brow or eye colour.


This long-lasting, medium-firm brow pencil is ideal to fill, define and shape the eyebrows to perfection. The built in sharpener means you can always have a precise tip to perfectly mimic the appearance of brow hair whilst using the flat of the pencil allows you to fill in the gaps and blend.

Available in three shade options;

001 Bombshell, best for fair hair and skin

HD Brows Define - Bombshell

002 Foxy, best for medium hair and skin

HD Brows Define - Foxy

003 Vamp, best for dark hair and skin

HD Brows Define - Vamp

All products are available to be posted out or collected from Eye Love in Rufus Court, Chester.  For further information or to purchase please complete the form below:

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